Sélection de titres

Unique? Original? Most people associate true originality in the world of music with sounds and ideas they've met before, but, so as not to lose at least some handle of familiarity, rearranged in a new way of sorts.


Dieter Schöön's reference points on "LaBlaza" are endless. After a while different textures appear; a sudden Cohenesque deviation; an early days Bowiesque sound coupled with sudden eruptions of Jens Lekman, or a pasted minute of breathless freeform DFA or a forlorn damaged Hot Chip with tales to tell.

On top of it all, floating effortlessly, Dieter Schöön's melancholic, slackery voice, binding it all together. A voice filled with seemingly dead easy confidence, a character trait that all in all is the foundation of the whole record.


Dieter Schöön - "Mary Jane"